International Workshops, Training and Exposures

Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance

An extensive array of accounting, finance, and audit-related programs. Gain up-to-date knowledge and practical skills in budgeting, taxation, financial management, reporting, cost control, and much more.

Banking & Insurance

Stay in-line with the latest trends in the banking and insurance industry. Our courses make a perfect match for every need. From SME and Retail Banking to Loans Management, Debt-recovery, Portfolio Allocation, and Fraud Prevention.

Banking & Insurance Training
Climate Change & Environment Training courses
Climate Change & Environment

Support a long-term shift towards sustainable development. Mitigate climate change and promote a responsible use of natural resources.

Energy and Water

Approach the most pressing topics of the two crucial sectors of sustainable development: Energy and Water – with up-to-date knowledge, skills, and practical mastery.

Energy and Water Training Programs
Governance, Risk & Compliance Workshops
Governance, Risk & Compliance

Hand-picked selection of short programs on Risk Management and techniques, Policy, Regulation, and Effective Governance.

HRM, Payroll Preparation & Administration

Establish a Talent-First Organization. Address the Most Pressing HR Challenges, Assemble Agile Teams, and make faster and more efficient decisions that are deep-rooted in data.

HRM, Payroll Preparation & Administration Programs
Humanitarians Trainings and Workshops worldwide

A range of practical courses in the field of humanitarian aid, material, and logistic assistance to those in need. From Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction to Vulnerability, Displacement, and Human Rights – our programs can meet any of your professional needs.

Management & Leadership

Master the skills that make up a true leader. Nurture your career through professional programs in Strategic Management, Business Development, Organizational Change, Creative Thinking, and much more.

Management & Leadership Workshops
Infrastructure, Planning, and Development Workshops
Infrastructure, Planning, and Development

A unique assortment of programs to help you build strong capacity for infrastructure planning and coordination and serve both new and existing development.

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